Mini Tanka KOOLER in Medium Blue

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Mini Tanka KOOLER in Medium Blue

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ECOtanka KOOLER Cases Neoprene
ECOtanka KOOLER Cases Neoprene isolate the ECOtanka bottle to keep drinks cool longer. The shells have a very practical carrying strap that can also be adjusted.
Care instructions: ECOtanka KOOLER are very easy to clean. Please wash the covers, however, only by hand.

Material - Neoprene SBR CR 4mm
Fits all - 0.6 l Mini Tanka
Color - Medium Blue
Plated clip - with metal coated clips for belt
Strap - 88mm long


Product Note Status Price
ECO-022-B-P ECO-022-B-P
20.90 €
ECO-022-P ECO-022-P
20.90 €
ECO-022-P-P ECO-022-P-P
20.90 €
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